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writing on the

role of history in public life

Jason Steinhauer served as inaugural director of the

Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest; is a

Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute; a contributor to TIME and CNN; an editorial board member of The Washington Post's "Made By History" section; and an adviser to the National WWII Museum.


In 2014 he coined the term "History Communicators" and has worked with colleagues worldwide to create the new field of History Communication. His forthcoming book examines how history gets communicated on the World Wide Web.



Advising policymakers
Paris, France, on fake news and misinformation
Public lectures
National Book Festival, Library of Congress
Invited talks & workshops
At on History Communication
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A new field that integrates media training, media literacy & communications scholarship into history curricula

Infusing more historical scholarship into journalism by bringing historians and journalists into closer collaboration

Fun & engaging YouTube videos--with footnotes!-- that communicate historical scholarship to new audiences

Bringing history into Silicon Valley to deepen our understanding of divisive issues & improve civil discourse

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