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The History Communication Institute

The History Communication Institute is building a 21st century economy, powered by the ethereum blockchain,

to support history content on the Web and social media.

Just as the sciences have prepared a generation of scientists to be Science Communicators, so too is history preparing History Communicators to communicate new historical scholarship to non-experts in today's complex media environment.


In 2014, I put forth the idea of History Communicators and have since been working with partners to create the field of History Communication.


In close collaboration with University of Massachusetts Amherst, Purdue University, and others, we designed coursework in History Communication to be introduced at colleges and universities. We've also worked with various partners to develop new methods of communicating historical scholarship to the public.

History Communication Summit

In March 2016, a group of scholars, journalists, activists and science communicators met at UMASS Amherst to begin to design a

history communication course. We also discussed the challenges of communicating history in an era dominated by the Web and social media.


August 2016, a group of scholars met in Washington, D.C., to finalize a History Communication certificate program.

Teaching History Communication

In 2017 and 2018, history communication coursework began to be taught at several universities in the United States.

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