State of Belief Radio
Sharing the stories of American Jewish veterans of World War II on State of Belief radio.
Monthly history column on
The Twitter problem that could change history
IQ magazine
Interview with the Lithuanian foreign affairs magazine, IQ
"Paywall" documentary
Interviewed for the upcoming documentary "Paywall," on the business of academic publishing
The Washington Post
On electability in American politics
The Philadelphia Inquirer
America's divides have never been simple
Filming a PSA for SoundExchange as part of their Project72 campaign asking internet radio to pay full royalties to pre-1972 musicians.
Discussing Poland's Holocaust law on BOLD TV
Appearances on C-SPAN's American History TV
Inside Higher Ed
"History is Hot": my op-ed in Inside Higher Ed.
Discussing the experiences of Jewish immigrants to New York City post-1945 on NY1 television to mark the opening of our exhibition "New York: City of Refuge"
Fox 29
An interview with AJ+ about the 2016 Presidential election, with now more than 7.5 million views on Facebook
On Fake News and Fake History, published by the Foreign Policy Research Institute
History News
A column on the state of the history profession in the winter 2017 issue of "History News"
Historically Thinking
Speaking about history communication on the Historically Thinking podcast
Alhurra television
Speaking about The John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress on Alhurra television.
Oxford University Press
Speaking about opportunities for oral historians to conduct research at the Library of Congress with Oxford University Press
Law Library of Congress
Speaking with the Law Library of Congress on why history is such an important part of who we are (and who I am!).
"50 on Fire"
Named one of In the Capital's "50 on Fire" for 2013
Oral History Review
Writing reviews and articles about oral history in the Oral History Review.
Mr. Dad podcast
Sharing about the Veterans History Project and the importance of recording veterans stories on Mr. Dad's Positive Parenting Radio Show on the Armed Forces Radio Network.
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