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The Era of ‘Self-Evident’ Truth Is Over. Today’s America Is Founded on Belief Instead.


America’s Students Need History—But Not for the Reasons You’re Hearing— TIME

Fewer Students Are Majoring in History, But We’re Asking the Wrong Questions About Why


A Chinese Cultural Treasure in US is (Mostly) Saved From Fire 


Historians Don't Live in an Ivory Tower 



The Twitter Problem That Could Change History 



Electability Has a Vital Role in Presidential Primaries

— The Washington Post


History Is Hot: Can That Help Save the Profession?

— Inside Higher Ed


Networks Let Us Down When They Don’t Put Historians on TV

— Poynter


America's Divides Have Never Been Simple

— The Philadelphia Inquirer

Veracity or Virality? How Social Media are Transforming History

— History News Network

Why 'The Last Dance' is the Presidential Historian of Documentaries

— History News Network


History is Not There to be Liked

— Foreign Policy Research Institute

Of Fake News and Fake History

— Foreign Policy Research Institute

The Story She Never Told

— Foreign Policy Research Institute

James H. Billington: An Appreciation

— Foreign Policy Research Institute


Turning on or tuning out the war in Ukraine

Jason Steinhauer on "History, Disrupted" & the Web's reality warp

History, Disrupted: Meet History Club Host Jason Steinhauer

How the Internet Warps History

History Is Cool Again

History in the Public Interest
The Measure of Everyday Life, WNCU

An Interview with Jason Steinhauer, Public Historian and Creator of History Communication
Society of American Archivists

The History Professional: An Interview with Jason Steinhauer
Society for History in the Federal Government

Jason Steinhauer on History Communication
Historically Thinking podcast

History Communication
Media Inside Out, TUTV

What's Past is Prologue -- Jason Steinhauer
The Story Forge podcast

An Interview with Jason Steinhauer
Law Library of Congress

Jason Steinhauer on "History, Disrupted
George Washington University

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