Public history is my passion. 


During my twenty years in the field, I've had the chance to see how historical scholarship--creatively and engagingly shared with the public--can make an impact.


I've advised:


  • Start-ups;

  • Television executives;

  • Museums;

  • Policymakers;

  • Journalists;

  • Universities;

  • Non-profits;

  • Scholars

On how to communicate history content for public audiences.

As a manager, leader, fundraiser, curator, archivist, oral historian, researcher, lecturer, registrar, film director and Board member, I've devoted my career to sharing history with the world and advocating for a more intelligent and informed citizenry based on knowledge of our past.


I love to think, write, and communicate about the future of public history in America, and I work every day to make a better, more inspired, and more educated world. I earned my B.A. in American Studies from The George Washington University and my M.A. in History and Archival Management from New York University. I'm originally from White Plains, New York.