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Jason Steinhauer is a recognized leader of the history profession in the 21st century. He is the founding director of the Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest; a Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute; an award-winning museum curator; a certified archivist; and creator of the field of History Communication. He serves on the editorial board of The Washington Post "Made By History" section and as a Presidential Counselor of the National WWII Museum. He is the founding editor of two history blogs, creator of two history podcasts, and producer of history YouTube videos. He has appeared widely in the media and written several influential articles on the value of history. His expertise lies at the intersection of history and technology and he has delivered lectures around the world on fake news, fake history, and the impact of new technologies on history, politics, and society.

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Jason coined the terms History Communicators and History Communication in 2014, inspired by the sciences and their investment in Science Communicators and Science Communication. The new sub-field formalizes the training to communicate historical knowledgeable ethically and effectively in todays communications environment.


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